Dr. T's MagSpa


Dr. T’s MagSpa, Magnesium oil

500ml liquid

Magnesium Chloride is one of the organic forms of magnesium that our body can utilize because we produce it ourselves. Not like Epsom Salt, which our body rejects (that’s why it’s causing diarrhea).

When we use Magnesium Chloride transdermal (through the skin), we can improve absorption by sixfold compared with oral supplementation and that’s without any danger of overdose.

Magnesium is playing an important role in our everyday life and when depleted or lost in our body will show common symptoms like:

  • Lack of energy, fatigue, nervous tension, anxiety;
  • Bone-density loss, muscle cramps, cardiac dysfunctions;
  • Adrenal exhaustion to cope with stress in daily activities;
  • Thyroid-, Endocrine-, Nerve-System malfunctions;
  • Digestive and Genitourinary problems;

By adding concentrated Lemon Myrtle oil to the ozonized MagSpa, the ozone and the anti-microbial qualities of this oil will allow to reuse the foot-spa for days. 


The Dr.T’s MagSpa Concentrate is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY (transdermal application).

Due to its high concentration, KEEP IT AWAY FROM CHILDREN and only use non-metallic dispensers.

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