Dr T's Remedies

Dr T’s HydroMate is a synergistically blended plant and earth mineral concentrate, designed to re-mineralise distilled and filtered water for improved nutritional value.

Key Benefits

Improve alkalinity and nutritional value of all filtered/distilled water;

Improves hydration and mineral content of electrolytes during exercise and sweating;

Replaces lost or missing essential and trace minerals in diet;

Alkalinize and adjusts body pH to help with muscle cramps, pain and fatigue;

Supports self detoxification, weight and stress control;

Helps with physical and mental performance;

Reduce cravings for sweets, coffee and artificial energy boosting drinks;

FREE of sugar, caffeine, artificial preservatives and colouring agents;

Suitable for adding to cooking, raw foods, enhance flavour and nutritional value;

To improve the quality of drinking water, we are forced to distil, filter or buy expensive alternatives, then realise we have an inactive water that will not quench our thirst. By using HydroMate for a few cents a day you can re-mineralise/activate all filtered, distilled and bottled water.

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