Dr T's Detox Tonic 200ml

Dr T's Remedies

Hydrogen Peroxide present in Detox Tonic has been shown to be an effective antifungal and antibacterial agent. It can be used internally or topical. 

Detox Tonic was designed to take advantage of the sterilizing effect of Hydrogen Peroxide together with the soothing effect of Aloe Vera Juice to minimize irritation. Due to its sterilizing effect, Hydrogen Peroxide is of excellent use in the detoxification process, since it may remove harmful bacteria and yeast from the digestive track and blood. However its use is also very flexible for external application.

Contents: 200ml liquid

Storage: store below 30 °C


WARNING: do not exceed the maximum dose of 2x5ml in minimum 200ml of filtered water. Always take Detox Tonic 1 hour after meal. Do not eat for minimum 15 minutes.

Internal use: take 5ml (1 teaspoon) in minimum 200ml of filtered clean water 2xdaily to help prevent bacterial/fungal overgrowth/food poisoning. Drink mixture one hour after meal; Do not eat for minimum 15 minutes to avoid getting nausea. To avoid aftertaste, take a teaspoon of honey or a bite of a fruit.

External use:

Skin sanitizer: mix 5ml of Detox Tonic in 15ml of filtered/bottled water soaked in to a clean cloth (Magic tablet towel) to cleanse and refresh skin.


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