Ondamed is a TGA registered and approved devidce in Australia

Enhance Self Healing, by tuning your body with specific frequencies

Ondamed is a revolutionary device that produces a highly focused pulsed electromagnetic field that penetrates deep into a specific region of the body to painlessly stimulate tissues and "jump-start" cellular repair and regeneration. Incorporating the latest scientific findings on how the human body regulates itself to improve health and wellbeing.


What is your issue?

Is it inflammation, pain, low energy, weight, sleep, personality or psychological disorders, old unprocessed trauma or are you simply too stressed and aging too fast for your liking? 

The list of symptoms Ondamed can treat is endless.

Ondamed is highly effective in ALL of these conditions because it does not treat any of them singularly but restores wholeness to the body as an integral unit, to restore the body to its natural state.... which is in equilibrium and of perfect health.

Cost of initial treatment:  $120

Cost of single follow up treatment: 60 minutes $99

To book an appointment or to get more information call the clinic on 5520 2766