Monthly Newsletter - August / 2018
“We are pride of having a lot to offer on our Clinic, from own Dispensary, Online-Shop and Education Platform for those wishing to take theirs and their family’s health and physical-mental performance to the next level.
To mark this Aug. being the 21st year I am practicing on the Gold Coast, I wish to share our celebration, by offering some outstanding specials for you to benefit from, in return for your support” – Dr. Thomas Bige. 



  • Refer 3 Get 1 FREE
  • DONATE YOUR FIVES FOR LIVES - Newsletter Special Edition Aug.18 the first ‘Special Addition’ will be about - How to Prevent Cancer and Optimize Health. Lesson 1.1
  • Exciting News & Announcements




  • First 60 – RAPID HEALTH CHECK for FREE: Offered to clients on our database, who have had no consult or treatment at our clinic in the last 12 months. CLICK HERE to sign up! This rapid health check includes:
    • Scan from the latest version of VedaPulse CAM-technology scanner, which identifies, follows and analyse the current biological functions of your body, with the scientifically validated integration of cardiograph, scientific calculations, Ayurvedic and Chinese pulse-reading techniques.
    • Urine Tests – for pH level (acid/alkaline state), level of living parasites [bad bacteria, fungi (Candida, moulds)] and presents of heavy metals.
    • A follow-up email/report with a snap shot of your current body functions, body pH and the level of heavy metals and living parasites.
    • Recommendation on your person-specific Progression Plan
  • RAPID HEALTH CHECK for $165: Instead of the standard fee for Irregular Visit - $330 to clients on our database, who have had no consult or treatment at our clinic in the last 12 months. To receive this one-off bi-yearly offer, call our clinic and book TODAY! (07) 5520 2766 OFFER ENDS ON 30/08/2018
  • OFFER TO ALL CLIENTS: Refer 3 new clients to our clinic to become our VIP-Club Member and receive (1) FREE treatment or consult of your choice, as our reward for your support in expending our operation. Our VIP-Club Members will receive Priority Listing on all our Special Offers, Student-Clinic and Stand-By Discounted Treatments.
  • BEST ASKED QUESTIONS What health questions and topics are you most interested in? Email us all your questions and the best three will not only be answered publicly on our social media pages but you will receive 50% discount on your next treatment (valid until 30th Aug).



When was the last time you were flushed?

We have an AMAZING August deal of 3 colonics for an impressive $297.

If that still doesn’t appeal to you how about adding a further 10% off our Liver-Gallbladder-Bowel flush? 

Call 07 5520 2766 to book our colonic package deal.

Colonics will remove a great deal of toxins from all around your body therefore causing weight loss, making your skin look healthier and brighter and overall giving you more energy. Just a few examples of what colonics can do for you are shown below:

  • Liver will metabolise faster and boost your energy
  • Reduce candida (yeast) and other living parasites in you
  • Stop you craving sugary food
  • Clear your head – improves memory and reduces fatigue
  • Clear blemished skin and brighten eyes


Do you know that at your best, you could utilize only up-most 60% what you eat? Do you know that a healthy person needs to eat 3% of his/her body-weight to keep functioning healthy? At 60 kg body-weight that provides around 700 grams of waste per day! In a week that comes to around 5 kg of pooh!

How much are you holding back? Regular removal of accumulated waste is the most intelligent way to look after your body, prevent developments of diseases and optimize physical/mental performance.

The cleansing should start with reducing the accumulated waste in the 'rubbish-bin' - Large Intestine, mostly called colon. Instead of using laxatives that irritates the whole digestive track to start working in the last piece, often becomes addictive and only could move active waste, - it is much smarter washing out the waste with water that floods the colon and take all - waste, toxins and parasites that leaves on and in the sludge. After colon irrigation - called Colon Hydrotherapy, you could start to cleanse the   Upper Digestive System (Liver, Gallbladder, Bowel - Small Intestine) that will release excess pressure and stress from the Stomach and Pancreas, as well. The best practice to do that is the Liver/Gallbladder/ Bowel Flush with natural herbs and minerals supporting the process. Instead of a large, one off huge dose that attacks these organs with force to eliminate (vomit), our cleansing protocol uses gentle support for repeated elimination for four days, without discomfort or interruption in your daily life.



The HCC Team is proud to announce the launch of our Online Education Platform on the 1st of September 2018. See link on our website  

We are welcoming new enrolments to our courses, Workshops and Webinars, from 15th of Aug. Via an online form, or emailed request to for copy of enrolment form or via a personal call to the clinic, (07 5520 2766), about enrolment, with Mikka Noblett our course-coordinator.

We offer 10% Early Birds Discount on all fees, until 30/08/18

Do you have experience working with people? A passion of helping others live a happier life? Then we may have a job for you! Full training provided for the right person. If you or someone you know would fit this description, please call us on:
07 5520 2766
  • GIVE YOUR FIVES FOR LIVES - Monthly SPECIAL EDITION Newsletter: We are offering a monthly educational article that will be released on the 18th of every month. In this August article we start sharing validated professional guidance about How to Prevent Cancer and Optimize Health, with optional, low cost, Q&A email services. Your donation of minimum $5 per month will support the HealthGuard Foundation in research, selection of valid natural solutions and effective CAM-technologies that could protect your health and prevent developments of diseases. The foundation also provide low cost naturopathic support to those less fortunate people who could not afford full payments but their condition requires immediate assistance. Your donation, when you send in a question by email, will help us to support more people with urgent needs plus your questions will help us to build a Q&A Bank to help even more. People with valuable answers to their concerns in health and performance.  The principle of HealthGuard Foundation, Dr. Thomas Bige, will be your online guide to answer your questions. Don't let Internet junks and self-made 'experts' guiding you, when you could have access to over 40 years of vast knowledge in integrated healthcare that cost you same as a cup of coffee or two! Your donation will be well spent on people in need and you can trust the answers you are getting for your concerns. HOW GOOD IS THAT?! GIVE TO GET that works best to create peace and balance – BE PART OF IT!



  • LIVE OR RECORDED WEBINAR (2 hrs) Guided 3-Week Self-Detoxification Program. Fee of $57
  • LIVE OR RECORDED WORKSHOP (3 hrs) Guided 90-Day Wellness Optimization Program. Fee of $99
  • HEALTH COACH CIRCLES: 90-Day Open Forums with monthly Webinars on Person-specific Healthcare. Circles for General Health, Woman’s Health, Man’s Health, Family Health, Physical - Mental Performance, Pregnancy Preparation, Weight & Habit Control and Anti-Aging.  Fee of $198
  • FAMILY HEALTH COACH CONSULTANT COURSE: 9-Month Consultant training with Certification after successful completion Course Fee: $990 (conditions applies).
  • COLON HYDROTHERAPY & DETOX-SPA PRACTITIONER COURSE: 90-Day Theoretical & Practical Training with certification and potential self-employment opportunities, after successful completion (conditions applies). Course Fee: $3,900