Health Assets Test (H.A.T)

Did you ever want to get a complete health assessment so that all of your health related problems can be identified and managed before they become a BIG problem?

Have you thought of improving on your Mental/Physical Performance?

Now you can!

Dr. Thomas, after many years of research and investigation, designed a 4 Dimensional Diagnostic Method (4D-ID Method) that includes investigation of physical, emotional, intellectual and environmental impacts you had and currently effected by. The specifically designed method integrates Oriental and Western diagnostic procedures with modern technology. This unique method has the capacity to help trained practitioners to identify and treat the cause of symptoms you may have, which are in your way to achieve optimum health and maximising your physical-mental performance.

Why do you need a H.A.T.?

Your body is a unique entity and its components (organs, fluids and tissues etc) must work together as a team. Therefore it makes sense to assess your body the way it functions as a whole, rather than just focusing on any one particular organ. Ultimately, the single organ’s function relies on all the other systems to be effective as well. Assessing a cardiovascular risk could be restricted to heart and arteries, however, heart and arteries require oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, including a respiratory and digestive assessment would make sense.

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The H.A.T Includes

Our assessments are non-invasive, comprehensive assessments showing how your whole body is functioning, at the given point in time.

Our assessments will analyse and assess all your body systems including your Respiratory, Digestive, Immune, Cardiovascular, Brain & Nervous Systems, Endocrine System, Neuromuscular System, Urogenital System and Metabolic Functions.

The 12 testing procedures in the H.A.T

  1. Physical Examination with a non-invasive approach.
  2. Urine Test for Heavy Metals, Parasites, and Acid/Alkaline level.
  3. Zinc Tally Test – identifying and explaining the risk of zinc deficiency.
  4. Blood Pressure & Blood Group Test (if its unknown).
  5. Cellular Health Analysis – Bio-Age; ideal and current fat/water/muscle mass; toxin levels.
  6. Integrated Body Sign Diagnosis – Comprehensive analysis and assessment of Oriental-Modern body markers on tongue/ears/face/body/hands/feet, and their meanings.
  7. Ayurvedic Mind and Body Type Analysis, Vata/Pitta/Kapha doshas and their meanings.
  8. Iris and Sclera Iridology – Test to analyse physical and emotional marks, and their meanings.
  9. Biorhythm Codes and their meanings.
  10. Marks of Emotions – Visual/Audio-visual assessment of chronic emotional patterns.
  11. Biofeedback Body Scan with the ES TECK & VedaPulse System – A non-invasive, Body-Mind function screening, analysis and interpretation.
  12. Fingerprint Assessment – to identify your very own Blueprint (established in the first 21 weeks in mother’s womb).

Dr. Thomas explain the ES TECK 3D Body Scan used in the Health Assets Test


A clear strategy on how to improve specific health problems and increase performance, provided through Dr. Thomas’ guidance, with his +40 years of experience in Medicine.
A good understanding of how your body functions and how to maintain it properly; “Remember… PREVENTION is better than CURE!”

Detailed understanding and knowledge of which foods are therapeutic, which are beneficial, and which are bad for your specific body type.

Specific list of supplements needed to reach desired health goals.
Clear follow-up action plan to monitor improvements via regular Biofeedback Screening and make necessary adjustments.

Your Investment 

At Gold Coast Clinic: Single – $497 pp, – Family – + $330 Partner, + $110 per child
(*conditions apply)

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