Dr T's 3 Week Detox Program

Why we need to Detox

We believe, the most powerful method in effectively shielding our health and wellbeing is via professionally guided natural body detoxification.

Our exposure to toxins is higher now than at any point of time in human history. Many aspects in our lives contribute to our toxic burden without our awareness. Most of you are probably aware that being around pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives, taste and color enhancers, industrial pollutions and car emission etc is hazardous to our health.

However, many of you would probably be surprised to learn that, for example, fire retardants that are present in virtually all of our homes can carry nasty dangers which will affect our health.

Our carpet and most of our modern furniture release up to 12 chemicals that are known to cause cancer! Please do me a favor and don’t allow your children or pets to play rest or sleep on the carpet or fabric based furniture.

Toxins damage cells, disrupt our endocrine system and impair our body’s ability to heal itself and absorb nutrients.

The state of our health is steadily compromised because we are not receiving our daily intake of nutrients. This is due to a variety of different factors such as, eating “empty” supermarket foods, mass produced GMO fruits and vegetables, contaminated and over-fluoridated tap water, excessive drinking of soft drinks and alcohol, abuse of antibiotics and medication for even the smallest illnesses and then our biggest enemy – a high stress lifestyle. We therefore need to address not only our physical body but also our mental dimension with regular self-detoxification.

The biggest contributor to the development of poor health is not a disease or virus but a lack of knowledge and being ignorant in fulfilling our personal specific needs. Trust me when I say, nobody gets a headache from a lack of Panadol!

About the detox program 

Dr T's 3-Week Natural Body Detoxification Program has been designed over the last 20 years and we belief it is now the safest, most gentle and effective program on the market. The raw ingredients are all carefully sourced, the formulas are unique and the system is organized to allow the best results in effectively detoxifying your whole body.

Week One: Liver, Gallbladder and Bowel Detox

Week Two: Kidney and Bladder Detox

Week Three:  Ultimate Foot-Detox, Heavy Metal & Parasite Flush


Cost of program $497


What's included

  • e-book detox diary
  • Meal Plan
  • Recipes
  • Guidance & support 
Week One Kit: 
  • 200ml Liver/Galbladder/Bowel Guard
  • Gut Guard 60 Capsules
  • 200ml HydroMate
  • 30g Digestive Aid
  • Dr T’s Detox Soup (150g, 3 week supply)
  • Colon Guard
  • Castor oil pack
Week Two Kit
  • Kidney / Bladder Guard 1 (2 x 16gms Powder)
  • T2P Detox Tea 25g
Week Three Kit
  • 100ml Detox Tonic
  • 25ml ZeoPro+
  • 200ml HydroMate
  • Parasite Guard (42 capsules)
  • Ultimate Foot Detox Patches (4 pairs)

To arrange your 3 week detox, please contact us by calling the clinic on:               

P: 07 5520 2766