Cell-Wellbeing Hair-Follicle Test

Optimise health, improve physical-mental performance. Health Coach Centre has created a special program that has great potential to assist you on your journey!

Research proves that almost everyone on the planet is operating at a sub-optimal level due to the effects of the environment. Processed foods, low nutrient intake, toxins, chemicals, parasites, fungus and electromagnetic fields are the major cause for breakdowns in the body’s normal day to day functions.

We believe that the most important factors and far biggest responsibility is looking after our health and maximizing our performance. It is collecting the knowledge of our person-specific needs in diet, nutrition, activities, lifestyle. Is is becoming responsible for our own destiny by being proactively involved in our health care with regular self-detoxification and having guidance from a professional Health Coach.

Getting professional and person-specific advice on how to alter your diet, choosing supplements, treatments and how to adjust your lifestyle to improve your chances to cope with the negative effects of your micro-environment will save you money. You want to know if the supplements you buy and the treatments you get are what your body needs.

The Cell-Wellbeing Hair-Follicle Test is an invaluable tool to assist you with these common choices you have to make to keep your body healthy and well.

Our technology provides a unique interface for the collection and assessment of bio-information from cell samples (hair root) and the characterisation of personal data derived into a report. 

Bio-information is carried in the weak electromagnetic field emissions from cells, tissues and organisms. The information is carried in a similar manner to the way a radio wave might carry music or an MRI scan carries an image.

Our Bio-Information Assessment Centre is based in Germany, and is run and monitored by doctors, scientists and specialist computer engineers. 

We use advanced bio-feedback system infrastructure; incorporating CE Class IIa approved devices and proprietary software programs to identify the specific bio-information connections that exist between the subject information and the test information. 

That’s how it works A few hair-follicles are carefully collected from the back of the head, then decoded with special computer assisted device. The data is then sent via a secure internet connection to Germany and a 30-page report with your personal results are emailed back to us. After report received and re-assessed by our practitioner it then sent via email to you.

(Hair-follicles can be taken by you and sent by mail to us, please call the clinic to receive proper instruction on how to do it). 

30-page Report includes specified information on:

  • Key Optimisation Overview
  • Vitamins (14)
  • Minerals (16)
  • Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3/6/9)
  • Antioxidants (13)
  • Amino Acids (23)
  • Toxins (levels of radiation, toxic metals, chemicals) 
  • Microbiology (virus, bacteria, fungus, moulds/spores, parasites)
  • Electromagnetic Fields (14)
  • Food & Food Additive Sensitivities
  • Diet, nutrients, activity, lifestyle and Wellness information 


$165 for initial Test & Report and $110 for 90-Day follow-up Test (optional)
Interested? Call our clinic (07) 5520 2766 to book.