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Dr. Thomas Bige

Founder • Head Coach • Lecturer

Dr. Thomas has designed his own method to identify the cause of ones symptoms by combining our forefathers’ wisdom with modern technology and tailoring the most practical approach in Body-Mind Medicine to help you to solve your problems. His vision is to establish a unified health care system, which integrates the achievements of Modern Medicine with the wisdom of Traditional Medicine for the benefit of all of us.
Dr. Thomas Bige (pronounced Beejay) specialising in traditional medicine modalities, practicing and studying for over 40 years. He is an internationally respected expert in Integrated Naturopathic Diagnostics, Natural Detoxification Methods and Body/Mind Medicine. He integrates diagnostic procedures with the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, European Naturopathy and other regional Folks Medicines from all around the world. He has designed a unique, four dimensional diagnostic method –4D Diagnostics™, which is the bases of his Health Assets Test – H.A.T.™, with the purpose to help people by identifying and treating the cause of their symptoms on all 4 levels (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Environmental).


Disclaimer: To comply with current Australian regulations, I declare that I'm an overseas trained physician, who has earned three medical degrees in Emergency Medicine, General Medicine and Surgery (Hu), College Diploma in Applied Sciences (Naturopathy & Herbal studies), Advance Diploma in Western Naturopathy (Australia), Post/Graduate Certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine (China), studied Ayurvedic Medicine in India, also has Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Au), Life Coaching (US), and I am a certified Adult Vocational Trainer & Assessor (Au), but I am not a registered medical practitioner, registered Chinese medical practitioner or medical specialist in Australia. Therefore, by the current Australian National Law, I am not authorized to practice such and I am not permitted to call myself a Health Practitioner. - Dr. Thomas Bige

Early Years

Dr. Bige was born in war torn Hungary just 10 days after his father took his life, 3 years after his release as a POW from a Siberian war camp, after WW II. His father was very sick and emotionally devastated from seeing his country and family persecuted and killed because of his family’s involvement in ruling Hungary before World War II. He took his life to protect his pregnant wife from being identified and persecuted for something she had never done.

Dr. Bige credits his survival to the fact that his mother’s family and their allies managed to hide him and his mother in the capital city and that he and his mother changed their names four times before he could reclaim his own name on his 18th birthday.

The many traumas of such a life took its toll on his mother and Thomas has born with many health problems that lead to him being wheelchair bound at the age of 4, following a bout of rheumatoid fever. By the age of 8, doctors told his mother to take him home from the hospital and prepare for his funeral. As a last hope his mother accepted the offer of her late husband’s family doctor (one of the five ‘Bone Smiths’ or Master Healers in Hungary), to apply his remedies to try to save Thomas from death. Within 3 months he was out of his wheelchair and went on to collect many trophies from sporting competitions, including two national boxing titles in the next 10 years.

When his mother asked the Healer how she could re-pay him for his miracle, he said “I have no son, let me teach your son what I know with the hope that he will follow my footsteps to continue teaching others when I’m gone.” And, of course, he has certainly done that. They accepted the offer and when Thomas was 15 he was already starting to treat people. By the age of 18 he had graduated from college with a formal education in Naturopathy and Herbalism.

Award Winning Doctor

He went on to study medicine at the University of Medicine in Budapest, but after 2 years the communist regime forced him into compulsory defense duties in the Army. So as to continue his studies during this time, he joined the Army’s Air Ambulance Services and graduated as an “Emergency Doctor” in 1975. He continued his study earning two more medical degrees to become a “Doctor of Medicine” with Honors at the Academy of Armed Forces, assigned by the University of Medicine in Szeged “Doctor of Surgery” after completing his residency in surgery at the Armed Forces Hospital in Budapest, in 1978.

His interests turned to gastroenterology and Dr. Bige entered his documented work on a pioneering concept for treating diabetes, entitled “The Possible Link of Liver/Gallbladder Malfunctions in the Development of Diabetes” into the “1978 Innovative Ideas in Medical Science Award” offered by theWorld Health Organization (WHO); he won first prize.

Escaping Communist Hungary to join the World Health Organisation & Medicines Sans Frontiers

As encouragement to continue his research, he was invited by the York University Toronto to join an expedition, sponsored by the World Health Organization in North British-Columbia (Canada) to investigate the unknown reason of diabetes in the Eskimo communities. The Hungarian government’s refusal to approve their Army Officer’s application to leave the country did not deter him and he escaped from Hungary to joined the expedition anyway. On the 14th December, 1979 he successfully managed to cross the two kilometers of mine-field between Hungary and Austria (known as the “Iron Curtain”) and received political asylum from the United Nations.

This act brought the wrath of the Hungarian Army, controlled by USSR, with a declaration of the death sentence for Dr. Bige. To reduce the chances for execution by the KGB, in 1980 he joined the Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders) Agency in Vienna and ended up migrating to Australia in 1981. During this time, for 5 years, he was chased by secret service agents and survived three assassination attempts until the Communist rule ended in Hungary and the new government dismissed his sentence.

Soulmate’s time-out; Dr.Thomas with Prof. Bruce Lipton

Soulmate’s time-out; Dr.Thomas with Prof. Bruce Lipton

By continuing to move around the world and serving the World Health Organisation as a volunteer doctor in 11 countries, Dr. Bige had a golden opportunity to master his skills and learn new skills in every country, advancing his knowledge in natural medicine by studying Mayan Medicine in South America, Ayurveda in India, Chinese Traditional Medicine in China and Riodoraku in Japan. During this time, Dr. Bige met countless inspiring people, from dignitaries, leaders of countries and celebrities to activists and humanitarians. He became an adoring friend of Jacques Yves Cousteauand his son Philippe Cousteau, mentored and befriended by Prof. David Suzuki, Prof. Bruce Lipton, Dr. James L D’Adamo, Dr. Jorgen Bernard Jensen, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Joel Wallach, Don Tolman, Roger Hamilton and many other eagles in their field of expertise and vision. He visited remote villages, spent time with tribes and local healers in Mongolia, China, Japan, India, Thailand, the Amazon, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Kenya, Lake Victoria in Africa, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Salomon Islands, Cook Islands and all around Europe, where he learned how to use and how important natures gifts are to these isolated societies who live without access to modern medicine (such as the Neem tree in India; the dirt collected from the roots of Medicine Trees in Papua New Guinea; seaweeds and sea-animals in Japan and in the Pacific Islands; plants, herbs and earth minerals from all around the world). He visited Tibetan Monks deep in the Himalayas, met and spend time with the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala; met with a woman in Russia who practices psychokinesis, since age of 14, by bending metal objects between her fingers, using only the power of her mind; and a man in France who could break glass-pannels using only the focus of his eyes. It was a time of incredible personal growth, quenching his unrelenting thirst for knowledge of natural therapies.

Settling in Australia

In 1993, after 13 years service, he resigned from the Medicine San Frontiers to settle down on the Gold Coast, Australia.

In the last 19 years, he has practiced Integrative Naturopathic Medicine as a registered Naturopath on the Gold Coast, regularly visiting remote communities and regional centres in Queensland and other states, where he holds day-clinics, lectures and health-talks for the general public. He provides iConsults for his interstate and overseas clients, Webinars and distance education platforms, via the Internet, called Health Coach Circles, for practitioners and laymen-students. He also trains practitioners on Detox-Spa treatments, Colon Hydrotherapy and conducts a distance education course for Family Health Coach Consultants.

His stepson Sidney continues formal medical studies in Biomedical Science and Paramedics, and is planning to complete medical degree to become Doctor of Medicine.

Dr. Thomas’ philosophy in modern living and practicing medicine

“I treat my clients as students as well as patients because my passion is to teach people with open mind for learning how to adjust their life to optimise their physical/mental potential. Being a good doctor for me means being a skilled teacher. Our body is a sophisticated device that needs regular maintenance and daily care. Our most important duty in our life to learn our person-specific needs and serve those needs. Our body is functioning in 3 dimensions (physical, emotional and intellectual) neglecting any of the three will bring dis-eases and destruction.

In our fast forward world we would be foolish to use only allopathic or naturopathic medicine principles, just like we using a car or aeroplane to get to our desired destination when walk would take too long, but we still walk when we can! Treating someone’s health or performance issues should only start with treating symptoms until the cause has been identified. Without eliminating the cause, any medicinal practices (which ever are chosen to be used) will fail to bring last longing solution.

Furthermore, I believe ‘one pinch of prevention beats tones of cure’ and what we need is education – not pills, to prevent ill health. Using our forefathers wisdom, based on common sense and observation of nature, for treating signs of developing dysfunctions at the root, will solve most health issues before they grow into serious diseases!”

Dr. Bige is a Senior Research Fellow member of the Society of Natural Therapist and Researchers (SNTR), and Member of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA).