GET FIT & HEALTHY - 90-Day Self-Improvement Course


      Provide opportunities for the general public and practicing professionals to benefit from a unique integrated naturopathic method that educate participants how to investigate, assess and utilize collected information from their body, mind and microenvironment to identify their person-specific needs in adjusting their diet, nutrition, activities and lifestyle for improving physical-mental fitness and optimize state of health.

      The course is designed for helping/guiding people by investigating their individual characteristics, genetic and epigenetic influences that effecting participant’s life and utilize findings to provide person-specific dietary, nutritional recommendations, support the person with individually tailored treatment protocols, plus provide person-specific health and physical education about improving their performance and quality of life.


      The consulting / treating practitioners are professionally trained and using state of the art,high quality equipment. The Health Coach Centre’s clinic is in West Burleigh on the Gold Coast, providing naturopathic consults and therapies, from the same place, since 2004 and the MD of the company, practicing on the Gold Coast, since 1997. We have two consult rooms, two Colon Hydrotherapy rooms, FIR Hyperthermic Dome, Hyperbaric Chamber, Oxygen-Bike, OxyHerb therapy, Detox Foot-Spa, Frequency-Therapy device (ONDAMED – one of the three in AU) and we have our own Dispensary to produce specifically selected natural supplements to cater individual needs.

      The HCC is in the process to train mobile Health Coach Consultants, who will be available for outcalls to provide initial data-collecting consults for individuals, businesses and the corporate sector.




      • Receive unparalleled information on personal characteristics, genetic/epigenetic influences and how to adjust diet, nutrition, activities and lifestyle to fulfil person-specific needs.
      • The unique method of data-collection and the over four decades experience of the team-leader of data assessors – Dr. Thomas Bige, will minimize guess-work, save money on unnecessary treatments/supplements and significantly increase your chances in optimizing your health and improving performance.
      • The clinic’s specifically selected devices, therapy equipment, professionally trained practitioners and dedicated staff are second to none to support you in your journey to achieve desired improvements.
      • By having the opportunity to learn and understand your own body-language, you will be able to tune your body with food, supplements and activities to improve physical-mental performance.
      • By keeping your body in optimum health that should help you with preventing developments of diseases.
      • By maintaining your health and level of performance, you could save yourself from physical / emotional / financial pressure and could maximize your potential in study, sport, work, success, relationship and in financial gains.


      • By supporting the management and staff in improving fitness and level of health, the business could significantly improve individual and team performances, overall productivity, save down-time and gain staff loyalty.
      • The accuracy of data-collection could avoid the guess-work in selecting staff and appointing the right person for specific jobs.
      • The mobile service, offered by HCC to collect data on site, will minimize down-time and increase the staff’s willingness in participation (30 minutes per person for testing).
      • Each participating staff-member will contribute to saving. (10% off Step 2 – if seen/participated in our Workshop).
      • Most business structure will allow the cost involved, tax deductible.


      • By getting access to person-specific information about your clients’ current state of health, fitness and genetic/ epigenetic influences in daily living, could significantly complement your work.
      • Our clinic is specifically designed to support people in identifying their individual needs, release toxic burden from their body (detox), stimulate self-recovery and improve physical-mental performance.
      • Your practice could get direct access to technologies, expertise and specifically selected treatment protocols that you may not have knowledge of or experience in and / or financially is impractical for you to invest in it.
      • When you start supporting our project, by referring your clients to our course, your practice automatically get listed on our social media platforms and promoted in our system that provides cross-referral opportunities.
      • Your practice could utilize the convenience of our mobile consultants’ services and receive incentives to host our colleague at your practice (conditions apply).
      • As a referring practitioner, you will receive RP discount for you and your family if wish to join the course.


      90-Day Health & Fitness Education Course with hands on treatments and supplements that are tailored to your person-specific needs to Optimize Your Health and improve your Physical-Mental Performance.


      STEP ONE

      THE SELF-IMPROVEMENT WORKSHOP   Standard Fee of $99

      The Person-Specific Approach to improve Health & Performance. How to get fitter & healthier by knowing Your Body & Mind individual needs?


      • Why we need and how to use Integrated Naturopathy to complement main-stream medicine, in everybody’s benefit?
      • What is the Naturopathic Health Assets Test (HAT) and how it can help you to know what you have, how much you have, what are you missing out on, also, how that all effects your health and physical – mental performance?
      • What is the Bio-Identity Profile (BIP) and how could the provided person-specific information make you confident about choosing from currently available information-overloads, hyped-up trends and often misleading advices, and use the ones that will help you to cater for your individual needs in improving your physical-mental fitness and optimizing your health?
      • The HCC Guided 3-Week Self-Detoxification Package -  Benefits and procedures explained
      Liver/Gallbladder Flush
      Kidney/Bladder Flush
      Parasite & Tocix Waste Flush
      Detox Diary with daily instructions/procedures explained


      •  Detox-Therapy Package (DTP) - Benefits and procedures explained

      4 X 60 minutes sessions of Colon-Hydrotherapy with oxygen enhanced water

      3 X 60 minutes sessions of Frequency-Therapy (ONDAMED

      3 X 30 minutes treatments with FIR Thermic-Dome

      3 X 30 minutes treatments with Ionic Detox Foot-Spa

      1 X 30 minutes session of Hyperbaric Chamber (optional)

      1 X 30 minutes session on Oxygen-Bike (optional)                                    

      • The Progress Test (PT) how to monitor achievements and design the Wellness Optimization Program
      • The 60-Day Wellness Optimization Program (WOP) 
        Recommendations of person-specific Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle adjustments, by following information collected from Health Assets Test, Bio-Identity Profile and Progress Test;
        Design and implement a personalized Activity Plan, by Personal Trainer, weekly training sessions included;
        Monitor progress with monthly Progress Tests & Guidance, by qualified Nutritionist/PT;

        • The 3-Monthly Wellness Maintenance Assessment – Regular Naturopathic Consult (RNC)                                                              
        Naturopathic Health Assets Test, including collection of Urine & Saliva Test, Physical Exam, VedaPulse . Biofeedback Scan, German Hair-Follicle Scan and personal feedback.
        Data collection and assessment with verbal recommendations.
        Comparison of new and previous tests with written report on findings.


          STEP TWO  

          NATUROPATHIC HEALTH ASSETS TEST  (HAT) Standard Fee of $198

          Identify what you have, how much you have and what you are missing out, to optimize your health and improve physical-mental performanc. A unique 4 dimensional data-collection of genetic, epigenetic influences that effects your physical, emotional and intellectual Wellbeing. The test can be performed at our clinic or at your place by mobile HC


          STEP THRE

          BIO-IDENTITY PROFILE  (BIP) Standard Fee of $330 

          Comprehensive, integrated naturopathic assessment using data from (HAT) combined with integrated Naturopathic Body-Signs Assessment, Fingerprint Assessment, Psychosomatic Impressions and Body-language. The BIP is one of the most important component in identifying one’s person-specific needs in coping with genetic / epigenetic influences and be in control of own destiny.


          STEP FOUR

          HCC GUIDED 3-WEEK SELF-DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM (GSDP) Standard Fees of $450 + $990 = $1440

          With guidance, all supplements and treatments to achieve maximum results. This is the most important component of the GET FIT & HEALTHY Program, because it’s designed to reduce toxic burden on your body and allows organs to optimize performance. By reducing toxic overloads, your body & mind will have the extra/saved energy available to maximize the benefits of adjusted diet, nutrition, activities and lifestyle. The Detox-Therapy Package (DTP) will support utilization of natural resources and the Frequency-Therapy sessions will assist the body and mind to rebalance itself. (The technology of the future – today).


          STEP FIVE

          PROGRESS TEST (PT ) Standard Fee of $165

          After completion of self-detoxification, your body will readjust energy contribution and synchronize organ-functions, naturally. By monitoring this progress, we could help you to save significant amount of time and finances, otherwise spent on unnecessary treatments and supplements.


          STEP SIX

          60-DAY WELLNESS OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM (WOP) Standard Fee of $990

          The program is designed to utilize all previously collected information-data for tailoring a person-specific dietary, nutrition and lifestyle adjustment plan for 60 days that will be reassessed for periodic adjustments after completing the program. The program also includes a personalized Activity Plan, designed by qualified Personal Trainer and includes weekly sessions with PT.


          STEP SEVEN

          THE 3-MONTHLY WELLNESS MAINTENANCE ASSESSMENT  (RNC) Regular Naturopathic Consultation - Standard Fee of $240

          Naturopathic Health Assets Test, with recommendations and guidance;
          Comparison of new and previous tests with written report on findings.



          INTERESTED to improve your physical-mental performance and/or wish to educate your clients/peers about the opportunity?

          call the clinic on 07 5520 2766 or send an inquire to

          INVESTMENT: Can be paid Step-by-Step or Prepaid for a saving of $330 (10% saving on total fees).