The Power of Ozone

July 23, 2016

The Power of Ozone

Why Use Ozone?

Ozone is nature’s powerful purifier, and one of the most beneficial substances on the planet. It is constantly around us, purifying our air and water, decomposing bacteria, moulds and fungi. It is the sweet smell after a lightning storm, the fresh smell of laundry dried outdoors in the country, and the revitalizing freshness of air found near crashing waves and waterfalls. Ozone in the atmosphere provides life on earth with constant protection against harmful, Ultra Violet rays.

“It has been proven extensively that ozone (O3) kills harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds. Ozone does this by attaching to them and oxidizing and eliminating them, it does this safely and 3,500 times faster and 150 times more efficiently than chlorine.”

Without ozone’s protective cleansing power, the human race could not survive. However, we have seen a decrease in enriched oxygen (ozone) due to our disregard for the environment. This increase of pollutants and decrease of oxygen and ozone in our environment continues to devastate the world ‘s health.

“Two hundred years ago, ambient air was estimated to be 38% oxygen and 1% carbon dioxide. Today it is less than 20% oxygen and 25% carbon dioxide. In urban areas, oxygen can drop as low as 6%.”

Although the downward spiral of the Worlds’ health has focused our attention on the environment, we subject ourselves to pollution far more deadly… indoors air pollution. According to the USEPA, many pollutants in the typical home or office are at least 2–5 times higher than on outdoor air. This can be dangerous, considering 85% of our time is spent indoors.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become such a problem that a name has been given to this degenerative condition – Building Related Illness (BRI). BRI is now recognized as one of the major health concerns facing the world today.

The only way to protect us from the harmful effects of pollution is to arm ourselves with knowledge and to protect our respiratory rights with nature’s own wonderful cleansing tool… OZONE

Because Ozone (O3) is highly reactive and breaks down to Oxygen (O2) after 20–30 minutes, it must be generated onsite.

Although many myths have arisen about the toxicity of ozone, “pure ozone is not poisonous in any sense of the word as it breaks down in contact with the mucous membrane and only oxygen remains”.

Ozone can be used anywhere germs, odors and/or toxic contaminants need to be eliminated. The ozone generator mimics nature by utilizing pure oxygen from ambient air to form only pure ozone.

Three important functions of the Ozone Generator

1. By putting device on for 30 minutes in average size room or for 60 – 120 minutes in lounge-room or any larger open area, you could eliminate (sterilize) your place from moulds, bacteria and other organic and non-organic pollutants, which will help you and your family to avoid potential harms. The chlorine like smell is Ozone, which is pure Oxygen in an active form.

When you start ozonizing, do not close door only the windows before starting up. When you leave the room – that’s when you close the door. When the session finished, open door and wait 5-10 minutes before enter the room to avoid concentrated ozone that may irritate your nose.

The digital setting is for showing how many grams of ozone the device could produce from available air, by adjusting the nobs you could control flow and time (larger room needs more ozone and/or more time). Repeat same protocol weekly or as often you find your rooms ‘smelly’ to prevent accumulation of pollutants. That could save hips on fancy air-fresheners!

2. Making ozonized drinking water: Put attachment (1) in a bottle/container of water (do not fill bottle to top to avoid spill). Depends on size (1L/2L/5L/10L) use equipment for 10/15/20/30 minutes, respectively. Use airtight container to avoid ozone to escape. Drink 200-250 ml ozonized water 3 X daily. First the water could taste unpleasant, but after few trials, your brain will pick up the benefits and welcome the ‘new’ taste. Ozonized water will deliver extra oxygen to your body and blood. Putting the HydroMate in this water will help camouflage taste and enhance quality!

3. Soak all raw fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs in ozonized water before use, by putting attachment (2) in the kitchen sink or a large container of water and submerge food for 30 minutes. That could dramatically reduce the harmful effects of any organic and chemical pollutants like virus, parasites, bacteria, moulds, pesticides, insecticides and preservatives that your foods have been treated or infested with.

The HCC Ozone Generator 1 is available from Health Coach Centre ($220). To purchase, please contact us.



DO NOT LET kids, sick people and pets around when you ozonizing! Their delicate or compromised respiratory system may be overwhelmed with prolonged exposer to increased quantity of oxygen in an enclosed area.

When the Ozone Generator is turned on for other purpose than sterilizing air, keep windows open to avoid accumulation of concentrated oxygen.

OZONE IS FLAMMABLE therefore do not generate ozone near to open flame and in rooms where excess heat or electric appliance turned on.

OZONE GENERATOR IS USING ELECTRICITY to generate ozone, therefore should not be used on wet surface or enclosed area with high humidity and avoid accidental contact with any liquid.

When ozonizing any liquid with supplied attachments, make sure that the equipment is place on a higher surface then the liquid, to avoid backflow.

If anyone starting to cough after breathing in ozonized air do not panic, just get outdoor to normalize level of oxygen in the lungs.

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