Health Coach Centre Introduces ONDAMED

October 08, 2016

Health Coach Centre Introduces ONDAMED

Europe was great and I’m back with a luggage full of awesome memories and a new medical device called Ondamed. 

I’m sure some of you have heard me raving about it for a long time at the clinic. However, I had to go through the high standards of quality control at the Health Coach Centre – Dr. Thomas Bige! Fair enough because he is the expert when it comes to choosing the best for our clients.

What also helped us decide to invest in the Ondamed was my own experience. I was treated with the equipment at our associate clinic in Bangkok for an angry nagging plantar wart on the sole of my right foot that occurred many years ago. I have treated it with everything mainstream medicine had to offer and I used all the natural remedies you can think of, garlic, apple cider vinegar, banana peel, tea tree oil, the list goes on. What made it go away forever was my Ondamed treatment.

I had another great experience this year in June when we travelled to Bangkok I was fortunate enough to received Ondamed treatments for my unexplained pain in my right hip, which I had treated for about 6 months with some success however, it never completely heeled. 

The equipment was able to locate the root of my pain and to my surprise it was not my hip, but my lower back that needed to be addressed. The practitioner scanned my body to locate the problem area and used the Ondamed device to stimulate the “ill” wave with special waves of its own to stimulate healing. After only 3 treatments with the Ondamed I was pain free and still am today.

That is what is great about the Ondamed, it finds the source of the problem and while also treating it without the need of having to know the medical condition/diagnosis of a client.

While in Germany I received full training on how to use the device with Silvia Binder, (N.D. Ph.D.). Silvia is the CEO of the Ondamed in New York and Germany. 

Silvia used an interesting synergy to explain the function of the device. ‘Imagine an old fashioned tape recorder, you have a passage on the tape that you would like to replace with a new melody. You have to rewind to find the passage and replace it with the new melody’.

If there are ANY health issues that have had for long time, even recent issues that are holding you back from health and wellness, then you need to know more about Ondamed.

What is your issue? Is it pain, low energy, weight, sleep, personality or psychological disorders, organic disease, drug dependence or are you simply aging too fast for your liking? The list of symptoms Ondamed can treat is endless.

Ondamed is highly effective in ALL of these conditions because it does not treat any of them singularly but restores wholeness to the body as an integral unit, to restore the body to its natural state….which is one of perfect health.

Health Coach Centre is in the process of setting up a trial group with the aim to demonstrate and validate the benefits of Ondamed therapy. For the successful applicants we are offering a FREE 4-Week treatment program. 

To register please complete the form here.

I am looking forward to starting this journey and I can’t wait to see the results we will achieve together

Best of Health
Anita Flego and the Health Coach Team

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