Do you have inflammation and you don't know it?

December 13, 2016

Do you have inflammation and you don't know it?

Are you trying to loose weight? Do, you think you are doing everything right, but yet the weight is not shifting?

Do you have aching joints?

Are you not able to concentrate and /or feeling compromised in retaining information?

Are you struggling with your digestive system?

The reason could be inflammation.

You have heard about inflammation on TV, maybe read about it in a health Magazine or on one of the many online health platforms, and you probably have been told in the past to have it. 

INFLAMMATION - when the fire within is out of control.

If someone gets the news that he has cancer, he is pretty much scared to death. It is taken seriously, and he wants to take action immediately, no doubt. 

But what if the news is that you have inflammation? Many people do not know what to think, and the rest thinks “I will be all right.”

Do you know what inflammation is, how you got it, and what it does to your body? 

Inflammation is a Serious Problem

Let me give you an easy to understand explanation of inflammation, what it is, how to treat it, and how to avoid it.

Inflammation is when the body receives a signal that there are invaders marching in the body in the form of a foreign substance. The body goes into protection mode because its doesn’t have the information available on how to metabolise the foreign substance. The result is chronic inflammation.

When the body triggers inflammation, it swells up in the same way as if it got stung by a bee; the skin gets inflamed and swollen, which is called acute inflammation. 

When we eat genetically modified foods, processed foods, and foods full of preservatives and chemicals, the body treats these substances as invaders and triggers inflammation as a protection.

Inflammation in the digestive tract will cause problems absorbing nutrients from foods and swelling of the joints will cause pain. Even the brain can get swollen, causing you not to think clearly and feel constantly tired.

We have to protect ourselves from all the altered, processed, and modified foods. It is not one particular food that is good or bad for everyone; rather, it is individual food that is good or bad for YOU.

Eating as much clean, organic food as you can, preparing your food from scratch, and not consuming flavoured drinks are a good start. Avoid sugary foods be reasonable with alcohol. 

Of course food is only one reason that can cause chronic inflammation an other big trigger is stress.

Chronic Inflammation drives many diseases. Depression could be a symptom of chronic inflammation in the body. 



Ondamed Treatment 

The device is TGA approved to be effective in reducing inflammation. It is a bio-feedback device feeding you with the correct frequency that your body will use to heal and re-tune.

We have just finished our first trial, and the results are amazing. You can now book appointments and experience for yourself how effective it is. Initial appointments are $111 (2 hours) and follow up appointments are $78.

Dr T’s 3-Week Detox Program
Is designed to reduce inflammation dramatically in only three weeks. It cuts out all the main inflammatory foods and reducing accumulated toxic waste and
parasites (yeast, bacteria, virus, moulds) from your body. Click here to read more on our detox program. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Increased oxygen in the blood helps mobilizing blood-cells to support the
Immune System with nutrients and stimulate lymphatic drainage to
eliminate the cause of inflammation. 

Oxygen is a primary healer and providing oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure will allow the body to heal itself and reduce areas of inflammation. Read more here. 

FAR Infrared Sauna
A summer cold or flu will heal up quickly with a FAR Infrared Sauna. It will also greatly reduce chronic inflammation in your joints because it increases circulation, inducing healing.

Induced fever will help to destroy viruses, increase blood-circulation to joints
and other body tissues that will accelerate all healing processes. Read more here. 


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